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Complete EfedManagement


The Efed Management Suite is a PHP and MySQL based script that allows you to manage every aspect of your fantasy wrestling promotion or other online roleplaying game from one simple dashboard quickly, easily, and automatically.

Remove the stress of manually updating sections such as record, rosters, histories, archives and more.

Give your handlers complete control to update any portion of their bio with fields you have set at any time, as well as easy segment reservation and match submission. All without needing to assist.

Stop wasting time on

updating yourefedpages .

Focus more onwhat matters.


Book. Compile. Release

From booking your show, to re-arranging, and making it public, you can do it all easily. Allow handlers to reserve and submit their own segments. Assign match writers. Drag and drop to quickly re-order your show. With a built in spell checker and autosaving feature as apart of an intuitive WYSIWYG editor, you can deliver high quality results 100% of the time.


Don't be limited to one show at a time. In the EMS, you can book as far in advance as you'd like with as many different shows as you want. Even add retroactive shows.

Control Your Website Design

The EMS comes with a basic default HTML template out of the box. However, you have full control over the look and feel of your site by simply creating or editing templates using a HTML header and footer system.


EMS also has a list of quick functions you can place anywhere on your site to auto-populate things such as latest RPs, Random Quotes, and more.


With access to edit the custom functions of the script, you are able to make your site unique to others by showing content the way you want to.

Automatic to Save Time

Stop manually creating and constantly editing the pages and features that matter most to you.

Let the EMS do the heavy lifting on the following:

    • Win/Loss Records
    • Championship History
    • Latest Roleplays & Random Quotes
    • Preview and Latest show cards
    • Show and News Archives
    • Roster & Bio Pages

And much, much more!

Advance Image Layering System

No need to change every image when you change your site design. With the EMS advance image layering system, you can build the most important images of your fed (such as bio images, show logos, and body shots) automatically.


Add a background, main image, and overlay image to any set to automatically parse the desired result. Just change one file to update across the series.


Quickly upload character art as well in the character editor or build your own custom image gallery with a few clicks of your mouse.

Built off of Ross Fynmoore's famous Backstage 3 platform

Everyefedis unique with EMS

while still backed by the same


Take a look at some of the efeds below using the original Backstage 3 Platform by Ross Fynmoore as well as the Efed Management Suite. With over ten years of development and testing, your efed could be the next one using this revolutionary system.

If you can do basic HTML, you can run a fed with EMS

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MakingeWrestlingfun again


Too many hours have been spent doing tedious chores to keep efeds updated and running. With the Efed Management Suite, we do the heavy lifting allowing you to focus on the areas that count. After initial set up and design of your efed, the Efed Management Suite will cut your maintenance time more than 80% so you can focus on writing shows, posting news, and putting out amazing new content.

  • Built in news posting system with unlimited categories
  • Administrator messaging system
  • Application builder with one click accept or deny
  • One login for handlers, no matter the amount of characters
  • Enable and disable accounts and characters with a click of a button
  • Much, Much More!

Hands down a must have for any serious fed head. I never thought I would leave ProBoards until I saw the power behind EMS. Now I run my fed with an hour or so worth of a work a week.